Learning & Teaching

Learning and Teaching

Our Curriculum

At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School teachers and students engage in diverse activities that provide opportunities for students to enhance their learning and achieve the outcomes of the Victorian Curriculum and To Live in Christ Jesus, the Sale Diocese  Religious Education Curriculum.

Our focus is on building teacher expertise and delivering a curriculum that caters for the diversity of students in every class. Professional Learning Teams respond to evidence of student learning and curriculum documents to plan exciting and challenging learning tasks for students. Being technologically well-resourced, at St Joseph’s teachers and students creatively integrate Information and Communication Technology across curriculum areas.

Specialist Subjects

Children engage in targeted learning experiences, including specialist classes in Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music and Languages Education, specifically Chinese.

Learning Adjustments

At St Joseph’s we take pride in meeting the needs of each student in our care. Learning adjustments are made for students who need extra assistance to meet curriculum requirements and those who are ready for more advanced learning.

During Parent Student Support Group meetings, teachers, students, parents and Learning Support Officers monitor progress and negotiate Personalised Learning Plans to address specific learning needs for students who require significant adjustments.

Teachers plan to enrich learning for high achieving students by addressing the curriculum outcomes indicated by their individual assessment results.