Our School

School Organisation

2019 Staffing:

  • Parish Priest: Fr Michael Willemsen
  • Principal: Marie Dodson
  • Administration Officers: Noelene Baker & Julie Leatham
  • MacKillop (Prep/1/2): Jamee Royce (Term 4; Maureen Tuisue) & Jennifer Miralles
  • Colman (3/4):  Peter May
  • Xavier (5/6): Jillian Dunphy
  • Languages:  Program, My Chinese Teacher, via internet from Beijing, supported by class teachers
  • Music: Peter May
  • Art: Jennifer Miralles
  • School Chaplain: Kelly Hyslop
  • Education Support Officers/Classroom:  Nicole Ingram, Liam Pashos
  • School Services Officer: Angela Davis

Class Organisation:

Classes at St Joseph’s are organised to best suit the educational needs of the students. Multi-age classes provide children with a sound academic, social and emotional education. These classes are an extension of the families from which the children come, and in them students experience interaction and cooperation with older and younger children. Opportunities for initiative, leadership, the development of self-esteem and the acceptance of responsibility continue the experiences of family living.

In 2019 we have the following class groupings:

  • MacKillop class – Prep/1/2
  • Colman class – Grades 3/4
  • Xavier class – Grades 5/6