Responsibilities for Remote Learning

Responsibilities for Remote Learning


  • Be available for students to contact via work email from 9am – 3.15pm
  • Set clear expectations for student learning
  • Provide a mixture of online and device-free learning tasks
  • Give feedback to students and assess their work
  • Ring parents/carers weekly to check in and answer any questions
  • Continually monitor student learning and adjust learning activities to address their needs and ensure that work set is achievable
  • Keep a record of student learning


  • Enjoy your time with your children
  • Maintain a routine and help students complete learning tasks
  • Be sure to include regular brain breaks, fresh air and movement
  • Make sure your child has a space to work and provide a level of supervision suitable to their stage of development
  • Monitor, and respond to, communications from teachers
  • Email teachers with any concerns or issues (Don’t forget Kelly is available on 0491 754 298 during school hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)
  • Respond to attendance text message each morning and explain absences in the usual way                                                                                      


  • Have fun learning in this exciting, new way
  • Complete daily tasks set by teachers either online or in hard copy
  • Engage in online sessions, as rostered, if possible – otherwise make suitable alternative arrangements with teachers
  • Share your learning with teachers
  • Let parents and teachers know if anything is worrying you or you are finding anything tricky

Remember, we are here to help and we are all in this together. Let’s help each other and look forward to when we can return to normal!